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Welcome to GODDAMN BUFFALO, personal essays and visions from 7,000 feet in the Terrible High Desert™ of northern New Mexico, where I was once lucky enough to have the late Bill Whaley write in my copy of his Taos memoir, Gringo Lessions: Twenty Years of Terror in Taos:

“You're one of the few who arrived and immediately experienced the spiritual imagination of the place and appreciated it in an articulate and instinctive way. What intrigues me is how many people move here and are tone deaf. I can't figure out why they are here since they might as well live in Colorado: beautiful but soulless...the chthonic spirits are absent. ‘Course sometimes a man needs relief from the resonating spirits. They can drive you mad.” 

 -Bill Whaley: Taos writer (Gringo Lessons), publisher (Horse Fly)

I write about my experiences in the world. Mostly personal, with lots of photographs. All of this is free but consider a paid subscription at $5/month or $50/year to show your support and help the enterprise. Either way I’m glad to have you. The posts show up in your email and look fantastic on your phone, or you can simply read them here. I would. The images are killer (see below). For more about me, visit my searchable online writing archive at JHFARR.COM with over 900 essays and a zillion photos.

Adobe Hell (old Taos)
Above the Rio Grande Gorge from the southern slopes of Ute Mountain
Spring colors

Finally, here’s Kathy and “The Magic of the Day,” a wonderful video from 2019 in Llano Quemado. For a window into how it was, see also my SmugMug gallery and this NFT collection, and visit JHFARR.ART for links to my online life. Everything else you need or want to know is in the writing, and I hope you find it.

The Great Southwestern Kiva. Old Taos. Medicine and life tools.


PERSONAL ESSAYS & PHOTOGRAPHS from 7,000 feet in the Terrible High Desert™ of northern New Mexico. I write about this life like no one else and don't hold back. This is where I publish first. Free and paid subscribers welcome.


John Hamilton Farr

Writer, artist in The Terrible High Desert™ of New Mexico. I take lots of photographs. Musical. (♌︎♐︎♍︎🎸) See JHFARR.ART for all links & accounts. NFTs at NEWMEXICOMYHEART.COM.